Call for Abstracts
Abstract submission deadline is January 24th. 2016

Please click here to download an abstract template with content guidelines.

  • • Please use MS-Word(97 or 2003 version) or Tex.
  • • Size of paper should be 297mm in length and 210mm in width (A4 Size).
  • • Paper margin should be 3cm (up, down, left, right).
  • • Font should be TIMES NEW ROMAN with single line spacing for whole document.
  • • Type the title with Upper and lower case, bold face, centered, and 14pt(point).
  • • Author(s) and Affiliation(s) should be upper and lower case, centered and 11pt without degrees and titles of the authors.
  • • Affiliation(s) starts on the new line and one line blank between title and author(s)/affiliation(s).
  • • Presenter’s name should be underlined. Write the name of author(s) in order of first name and family name (upper and lower case).
  • • Use ‘/’ when authors’ affiliations are same such as Chong-Ju Lee / Jack Douglas.
  • • Type the text body in 10pt letters at least 5 lines and should explain the substantial points of the paper you will be presenting at WCCM/APCOM 2016.
  • • For a new paragraph, do not tab over or indent, just hit the Enter key. It will look like a double space between paragraphs.
  • • For figures and tables, put the caption with numbers in order below each figure and above table in same font with text body, but in bold.
  • • Keywords and References are optional.
  • • Final abstract should be MS-Word or PDF file along with the original Tex file(WCCM_abstract_author-name.tex) in zip format.
  • Q. Is it possible to submit multiple abstracts?
  • A. Yes. But please remember that a participant can give only one presentation.

  • Q. If I submit more than one paper, do I have to pay the registration fee more?
  • A. You don’t need to pay registration fee per abstract.

  • Q. I just submitted my abstract to wrong session, how can I change it?
  • A. Please e-mail(including which session you want to in) us via

  • Q. Do I have to submit full-paper?
  • A. Submission of full-paper is optional so full-papers are not going to be published as a book. And the deadline of full-paper is extended by 18th June. You can use the same template as for the 1-page abstract. Full paper should be MS-Word or PDF file along with the original Tex file in zip format. If you want to submit yours, please visit ‘Submission of Abstract’ page or the quick link below.

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