Plenary Speakers

*Alphabetical Order

Opening Speaker

J. Tinsley Oden
(Celebrating his 80th year on this planet)
The University of Texas at Austin, USA

"Foundations of Predictive Computational Science: Selection and Validation of Predictive Models of Complex Systems"
Closing Speaker

Thomas J.R. Hughes
The University of Texas at Austin, USA

"Isogeometric Analysis: Past, Present, Future"
Marek Behr
RWTH Aachen University, Germany

"Complex Fluids in Production and Biomedical Engineering""
Chuin-Shan (David) Chen
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

"When waves do not spuriously reflect: dynamic multiscale method and applications"
J. S. Chen
University of California, San Diego

"Fracture to Damage Multiscale Modeling and Application to Extreme Events Simulation"
Jacob Fish
Columbia University, USA

"Computational Continua Multiscale Framework"
Nasser Khalili
University of New South Wales, Australia

“A Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Model for Unsaturated Soils Including Hydraulic and Mechanical Hystereses”
Yoon Young Kim
Seoul National University, Korea

"Numerical Synthesis of Linkage Mechanisms by Topology Optimization"
Seiichi Koshizuka
The University of Tokyo, Japan

"Moving Particle Semi-implicit Method in Computational Fluid Dynamics: Basic Studies and Application to Industry”"
Eugenio Oñate
Technical University of Catalonia, Spain

“Finite increment calculus (FIC). A framework for deriving enhanced computational methods in mechanics”
Barbara Wohlmuth
Technische Universität München, Germany

“Model and complexity reduction in large scale simulation”
Peter Wriggers
Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

"A Multiscale Approach for Modeling Thermoplastic Material Behavior of Dual – Phase Steels – From Microscopic to Macroscopic Length Scale"
Yao Zheng
Zhejiang University, China

"Towards Extreme Scale Computing with High End Digital Prototyping"

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