Presentation Guideline

1. Registration
The name badge and conference kit can be picked up at the registration desk in Grand Ballroom Lobby.
[Registration Desk Location: Grand Ballroom Lobby 1st Floor (North Wing)]
  • - July 24(Sun): 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • - July 25(Mon) - July 28(Thu): 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • - July 29(Fri): 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

2. Presentation Time
  • - Keynote presentation : 30 Minutes
  • - General presentation : 15 Minutes
  • - Please keep your presentation on time including at least 3 minute Q&A period.

3. Presentation File and Equipment
It is highly recommended that you should arrive at the session room at least 10 minutes earlier to make sure your presentation is ready before your session begins.

There are 2 options for using presentation equipment as below.

[Option 1. Using Venue Facilities]

Each session room will be equipped and prepared with the following:
  • - Laptop on the podium running MS-Office 2010 operated in Window 7, equipped with USB drive.
  • - A mouse / Beam projector(RGB Port Only) / Screen
1) All presenters should prepare the presentation file in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or Adobe-PDF format in English. Please bring a USB memory containing your presentation file.
2) If you use special fonts other than standard Windows Office 2010 ones, please also bring those font files along with your presentation file.
3) If your presentation file includes movies, we strongly recommend that you bring the original movie files in WMV (Window Media Video). And you are also advised to check the technical matters with the room assistant prior to the session.

[Option 2. Using your own laptop]

You should bring all the necessary adaptors (especially MAC), which are compatible with our beam projector (RGB Port Only). Also, you must inform the room assistant that you will use your own laptop for the presentation so that

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